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In the time since last year’s Bitcoin 2021 we’ve seen the world change in so many ways that, if we were to list them here, I’m confident we could give Gladstein or Breedlove a run for their money on the length of the read alone. Hardly anything comes as close to accurately describing what’s been happening in the world as referring to it as a “phase transition.” I am fully confident that we are experiencing the rumblings of the Bitcoin transition state.

Bitcoin 2022 was the confirmation.

Arriving in Miami International Airport and seeing the adverts for all things Bitcoin around (seemingly) every corner was enough to really send the shock and awe home — the excitement was real. After getting to my temporary domicile on South Beach, I set off to do some brief reconnaissance (aka, I walked around to find the coffee spots). Even a few days prior to the official opening of festivities, I was hearing conversations scattered throughout the area centered around Bitcoin, and yes, a lot of “crypto” projects as well — the point being that Vice City, or at the very least, South Beach, was completely absorbed with the revolution that Bitcoin has been the vanguard for over the last 13 years.

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