Bitcoin Is Venice Book Review

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This article aims to summarize Allen Farrington’s triptych on Bitcoin (Wittgenstein Money – Capital Strip Mine – Bitcoin is Venice), upon which the book “Bitcoin is Venice,” published by Bitcoin Magazine and written by Farrington and Sacha Mayers, is based. Please note that this summary will likely not do justice to the amazing piece that is “Bitcoin is Venice.”

H.L. Mencken said of Henry Hazlitt that he was “one the few economists in history who could really write.” I am not sure Allen Farrington would consider himself an economist, but he is certainly one of the few who can really write about economics. When reading “Bitcoin is Venice,” one often forgets that the subject matter at hand is economics since the author masterfully succeeds in conveying economic wisdom with limited recourse to the jargon most of us find dull and soporific. Farrington doesn’t explain economics to the reader but rather invites them to reason about the subject matter from first principles.

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