Bitrefill and NBA star join forces to launch the world’s coolest Bitcoin sneaker

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Spencer Dinwiddie of the Dallas Mavericks, in conjunction with Bitrefill, the world’s largest crypto-only online store, team up to launch the Bitsneaks shoe.

The Bitsneaks feature a black-on-black colorway with contrasting sole and embroidered logo. Appealing to Bitcoin fans, they also come with additional extras, including an 825-lumen LED display to broadcast the BTC price.

“Bitrefill teams up with NBA Star Spencer Dinwiddie and creates the world’s most high-tech sneaker, able to display the LIVE price of Bitcoin”

If that weren’t gratuitous enough for your liking, you’d be pleased to hear there’s more.

Bitcoin sneakers called Bitsneaks

Get more than just the Bitcoin price on your sneakers

Keeping an up-to-date Bitcoin price is possible thanks to the shoes having built-in internet communication housed within the sole.

But the real trump card, at least from a bang per buck perspective, is the shoebox which doubles as both a container and a Bitcoin mining rig. But before you get excited about the prospect of buying the shoes and earning back your cash, you should know Bitsneaks themselves call the rig “extremely slow.”

Rated at 2.769 MH/s, a difficulty level of 27.45 T would take the rig 1.7 billion years to mine a block. For comparison, Bitmain’s S19 XP miner features a hashrate of 140 TH/s, making it over 50,000,000 times more efficient than Bitsneaks’ offering.

Bitsneaks shoe box and mining rig

In a press release, Bitrefill founder Sergej Kotliar said the Bitsneaks are being pitched squarely against Nike. However, Kotliar doesn’t take the concept too seriously, calling the Bitsneaks “something truly silly.”

“For us to beat giants like Nike and build what everyone said was impossible is yet another proof of what a small dedicated team like ours can do when trying to achieve something truly silly.”

At this point, you may be wondering, what’s the asking price? Brace yourself, because the Bitsneaks come in at a cool 1 BTC ($39,500 at today’s price). They’ll be available soon from a yet-to-be-named premium sneaker marketplace.

Further similar launches are planned in the coming months. Sign up at to hear about them first.

Who is Bitrefill?

Bitrefill offers products and services on its website, enabling people to live using cryptocurrency more easily. This includes facilitating gift card purchases at retailers such as Amazon, Steam, eBay, and Uber.

Its website offers a catalog of gift cards, prepaid mobile refills, and Lightning Networking services purchasable with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company says:

“By using Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology we provide a safe and private user experience with fast digital delivery to anywhere in the world. You only need to provide an email address to receive a receipt, voucher codes if applicable, and customer service.”

The only requirement to use Bitrefill is an email address and, of course, crypto to spend.

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