Cardano Founder Reacts To News That Twitter Is Considering Selling To Elon Musk

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Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter has not slowed down after the billionaire made a mouthwatering $46.5 billion offer for the micro-blogging platform. Twitter’s board has been in talks about the offer, although not yet coming up with any significant decision on the issue.

Lately though, there have been talks that the board has been strongly considering taking Musk’s offer and selling the social media giant. If this happens, it would put Musk 100% in control of Twitter. With news of Twitter’s board considering taking the offer, Cardano founder Charles Hoskison has taken to the social media platform to share his thoughts on this.

Hoskinson Is Down For It

Responding to a tweet that said that Twitter was finalizing a deal to sell the social media giant to the billionaire, Hoskinson had shared a GIF that showed his pleasure at the news. The GIF which showed actor Nicholas Cage in a state of bliss obviously corresponded Hoskison’s satisfaction with this news. 

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This does not come as a surprise though given that the Cardano founder has been vocal about his support of Elon Musk buying out Twitter. Even when the board of directors had initially turned down the billionaire’s offer, Hoskinson had proposed that he and Musk build a decentralized competitor for Twitter that would run on not only the Cardano blockchain but on other chains such as Bitcoin, which Musk is openly a fan of.

What Does Musk Want With Twitter?

SpaceX CEO and billionaire Elon Musk has previously posted what can be considered as a short ‘manifesto’ for what he plans to do with the social media platform once he buys it. According to him, he plans to promote free speech on the platform.

Must has also said that he plans to keep as many private shareholders in the company’s the law will allow. He also plans to “authenticate all real humans” and defeat the spam bots that plague Twitter or “die trying”.

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Not everyone in the crypto space is elated about Musk’s decision to buy Twitter though. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has lamented hostile takeovers such as this, explaining that something like this “could easily go *very* wrong”.

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Nevertheless, Musk does not plan to back down by the look of things. The billionaire has also suggested selling his shares in the company is his deal is not accepted, which is currently sitting at a 9.2% stake. A sell-off which could easily tank the price of the stock.

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