Co-Ownership Rights and Real-Life Sculptures in Mystery Cities Intriguing Hungry Hamster Club NFT Collectors

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After going through a ‘crypto winter’ of sorts, the NFT market is bouncing back in a big way. A short-term or long-term bullish market is the perfect time for an interesting project like Hungry Hamster Club to take off and gain real traction within its own NFT community and the broader NFT space at large.

The launch is coming and it’s bound to generate a newfound excitement for the next wave of high floor price NFT collections that reward artists and give them a new avenue for not just generating revenue, but also an opportunity to become a bigger part of the NFT space and lead a project that has an impressive roadmap, and a message behind the artwork itself.

Could Hungry Hamster Club Launch to the Moon?

While there are many different ways to launch an NFT project, Hungry Hamster Club follows some of the classic structures and principles of the most successful NFT projects in the world. Like most projects, Hungry Hamster Club is going to feature 10,000 works of art for the most dedicated NFT collectors to purchase.

As with any great NFT collection, there is an underlying theme and story behind Hungry Hamster Club.

The art itself features hungry hamsters looking to fill their stomachs and enjoy their next meal. They have an insatiable appetite. But the images themselves speak to a broader trend not only in crypto but a human flaw that is evident within all of us. That’s greed.

As humans, we always want more.

The Hungry Hamster Club NFTs juxtaposes our well-meaning nature, represented by the cute-looking critters, in the thirst for greed that we all share, represented by the items featured alongside the hamsters within the works of art.

Having a clearly defined theme and good-looking images are no doubt two of the hallmarks of a great NFT project. But as usual, in this day and age with the NFT space becoming more and more competitive, there has to be more of a value proposition behind the artwork for it to be taken seriously by the community.

Hungry Hamster Club provides that.

Collectors to Receive Tremendous Added Benefits by Owning Hungry Hamsters

Collectors of Hungry Hamster Club NFTs are going to get access to Art Toy collectibles created through the eyes and artistic expression of well-known artist Oasim Karmieh. Not only that, holding the NFT means that collectors gain the ownership rights to large-scale sculptures of Hungry Hamsters.

The best part is, it’s not the kind of sculpture collectors are going to have to hold in their homes to show off to their friends. They are going to be the owners of the sculptures while those sculptures are going to be sitting in major cities across the world.

One of the great mysteries of the project is exactly where those sculptures are going to be located. The unknown aspect of that is sure to drive the curiosity of collectors and inspire them to hold onto their NFTs.

Think about it. What if one of the sculptures lies in the center of New York City and you’re the owner of it? Isn’t that something you’d take great pride in?

In-real-life sculptures that you own the rights to is a concept sure to bring in collectors and keep them a part of the collection in the community for a long time to come.

The Best Part of Hungry Hamster Club Comes after the Launch in June

Armed with the mission of highlighting our human nature and supporting artists, Hungry Hamster Club is going to launch something called The Greed Pool, after the official launch of the project takes place in June.

The fund is going to be dedicated to empowering artists and their projects and will be established using a portion of the revenues generated by the sale of the NFTs, which by the way are going to be partly hand-drawn and partly generative.

Add that to the real-life sculptures and Art Toys collectors get access to, and Hungry Hamster Club is sure to make waves in the NFT community.


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