Elon Musk: DOGE Payment For Twitter Blue, Shelter For The Homeless – And No To Twitter Board

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Elon Musk has resumed his Twitter-related… tweeting. Actually, he’s got a lot going for him these days.

This time, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has made a series of recommendations for the social media platform’s premium subscription service, “Blue.”

Musk’s spate of improvements to Twitter’s membership service include a price reduction, the elimination of advertisements, and the addition of the dogecoin cryptocurrency as a payment method.

“Price should probably be $2/month, but if paid in advance, account will not receive a checkmark for 60 days (watch for credit card chargebacks) and will be suspended without refund if used for scam/spam,” Musk tweeted.

No Ads, Musk Says

“And no advertisements,” Musk added. “Corporate power to dictate policy is significantly boosted if Twitter is reliant on advertising revenue to exist,” he wrote on Twitter.

When a user’s account is verified as “genuine, notable, and active,” Twitter displays a checkmark next to the user’s name.

Twitter Blue started last June in Australia, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

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The service has a 30-second edit feature for revising tweets, folder bookmarking, and a “reader mode” for condensing lengthy discussions.

Musk has long loved taunting his over 80 million followers with the cryptocurrency, which features a Shiba Inu dog as its emblem and is widely considered as a prank.

Unlike Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, which is currently valued at approximately $43,320 as of April 10, Dogecoin is currently valued at $0.16.

Shelter For The Homeless

Musk also launched a poll on Twitter, asking whether the company’s San Francisco headquarters should be transformed into a homeless shelter because “no one is showing up (to work there).”

The survey received more than 300,000 responses in less than an hour, with 90% responding “yes.”

No To Twitter Board

Meanwhile, Musk has declined to be part of Twitter’s board of directors, according to the company’s CEO.

He will not join Twitter’s board of directors on April 11, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal said. The company initially announced Musk’s appointment to the board on April 9, but that decision appears to have been reversed when Musk declined.

Rumors about his rejection from the board have already begun to circulate. One responder stated that board participation would limit his holding to approximately 15%, implying that he may be interested in increasing his stake in the company.

Others have speculated that by declining to join the board, he will get greater control over the content he may put on the platform.

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