GensoKishi Metaverse secures KuCoin listing, launches ROND whitelist competition

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GensoKishi Metaverse (MV) is now listed on KuCoin with a USDT pair and will begin trading starting April 20. The metaverse company is conducting giveaways and a private sale to celebrate the launch.

The Japanese 3DMMORPG launched a new whitelist competition for a $10,000 private sale of its in-game currency ROND, which can only be acquired via staking MV. The company said it decided to hold another private sale due to high demand from the community.

ROND constitutes the in-game economy, while the MV token can be used for accessing exclusive games and events within the gaming Metaverse and unlocking discounted prices for in-game items.

GensoKishi’s MV token is also listed on Singapore-based crypto exchange ByBit since late January. The token had a market cap of roughly $93 million at press time.

GensoKishi is the GameFi and metaverse “incarnation” of the popular video game IP called Elemental Knights, which has a 14-year history in the gaming industry. The Polygon blockchain powers the GensoKishi metaverse.

GensoKishi NFTs

GensoKishi recently tapped famed Final Fantasy artist and character designer Yoshitaka Amano to design various aspects of its metaverse, including the company’s logo.

Amano will also play a part in character design, concept art for cosplay NFTs, and a new NFT collection.

The company began onboarding NFT projects in February and said that these projects would be able to create NFTs for its metaverse and be able to create their own worlds.

GensoKishi said:

“They [NFT projects] will be able to build their own map within the game, complete with NPCs and Monsters which they can place anywhere on the map as they please. NPCs and Monsters are purchasable from the GensoKishi Asset Store, and our partners are free to modify NPC and Monster appearance to their heart’s content. Partners could quite literally create their ideal world within the GensoKishi Metaverse.”

GensoKishi aims to create a metaverse that will combine the concepts of “Free to Play,” “Play to Earn” and “User Generated Contents to Earn.”


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