How Wallex Will Onboard People And Institutions To The Digital Economy

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The crypto industry and digital asset adoption are in their early days. Despite the many products, services, and their potential to improve people’s experience with payments and finances, it must overcome many challenges to reach its next phase of adoption.

Wallex, an advanced all-in-one technological ecosystem, was created to tear down the walls between individuals and institutions and the digital economy power by the blockchain. The ecosystem provides a high degree of safety and compliance to its users, by following strict anti-money laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to protect its clients from bad actors and fraud and provide them with easy to use custody, payments, trading, neobanking, DeFi investment vehicles, and more.

Around the world, regulators, government officials, and big companies have been reluctant to embrace the potential of digital assets. Wallex was designed to facilitate this process of adoption by bridging traditional finances with digital finances under a user-friendly and optimized platform.

The ecosystem is comprised of Wallex Trust, Wallex Pay, Wallex Exchange, Wallex Custody, Wallex Change, and Wallex Lab. Each of the Wallex branches helps individuals and institutions to onboard the digital ecosystem with safety and ease and made Wallex one of the top custodian in 2022, according to research from Blockdata.

The ecosystem received this recognition based on its low complexity, security, efficiency and customer-centered services. Wallex was ranked amongst BitGo, Fireblocks, Ledge, Fidelity, and other major names in the sector.

Wallex, Features And Benefits

Set to host the modernization of the financial infrastructure, Wallex provides users with card services, escrow, custody, vault, banking, and crypto services to pay, invest, crowdfund, or tokenize assets under a truly innovative and unique customer experience.

In that way, the everyday investor or the large company can integrate their business model with the financial services of the future without having to pay lofty fees.

Wallex recently achieved a major milestone by launching EURST, a live-audited, 100% fiat asset-backed stablecoin pegged to the value of the Euro. This digital asset enables investors to operate in the blockchain ecosystem with ease without having to worry about sudden moves in the price of the underlying cryptocurrency.

Thus, both newcomers to the crypto industry and large players can invest, trade, hold, and access financial products supported by a strong asset. Simone Mazzuca said the following on this major achievement for Wallex and how it helps investors during uncertain times:

Stability, Transparency and Asset Protection are the values that EURST offers to get faster and secure solutions through the financial system for business and individuals purposes.

What’s Next For Wallex

In the coming months, the team behind Wallex is set to expand its presence around the world and provide the unbanked population with access to the digital financial system. In addition, the project will launch an institutional program to onboard big players from the legacy sector into its platform.

The adoption of blockchain, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies will benefit everyday people and institutions alike by improving the foundation of the traditional system. Unlike what many believe, blockchain and traditional finance can merge to yield better results for their users.

In this context, Wallex and its full suite of financial services seem poised to play a big role and push the digital economy into a new frontier. The platform already serves over 500,000 clients in more than 200 jurisdictions around the world with more to come in the future.


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