Naughty MOAI – The Ecosystem For Real World Impactation on Metaverse

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Naughty MOAI is a Moai-themed NFT collection that aims to promote the exchange of art, ideas, and creative activity. The team embraces the unlimited possibilities of NFT in facilitating the exchange of art, content, and real-world merchandise by creating a metaverse supported by unique MOAI NFT assets and contents.

The Naughty MOAI is developed by sophisticated creative algorithms with over 100+ MOAI features and over 10 billion combinations driven by 10+ specified traits such as expressions, colors, backgrounds, clothing, accessories, symbols, art forms, and so on.

Naughty MOAI is more than an NFT collectible because it comes with metaverse bonuses and rewards. Further, MOAI Token will allow you to trade virtual lands and other assets! MOAI is undoubtedly creating a creative library of digital assets that will impact the future for everyone.

The project also aims to create a sustainable and community-focused ecosystem in the real-life and metaverse, to develop 2D and 3D art that connects people emotionally, and to create digital asset libraries that promote the penetration of MOAI NFTs in different use cases.

Through self-sustaining and community-centric value sharing mechanisms, the team aims to provide a nurturing atmosphere for creators and artists to display their creativity. Individuality and Inclusiveness a key edge that makes it stand out.

Naughty Moai Project Is the Go-To Platform for Artist

The idea behind Naughty Moai is to create a creative ecosystem and uncover new ways for artists to interact with the actual world through Metaverse activities.

Naughty Moai’s major goal is the metaverse access. MOAI aims to create an immersive virtual universe built on blockchain virtual hubs like the Sandbox and Horizon Worlds, where NFT holders can turn their Moai into metaverse avatars.

Users can engage with each other through Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality, which is solely available to the MOAI community, by extending the use case of Naughty Moai into the Metaverse.

Furthermore, each MOAI holder will be able to interact with the gaming environment on a deeper level, allowing them to buy virtual properties.

Merging the Virtual and Real World

Every NFT is a voyage of color, beauty, and culture, and each MOAI is unique. As a result, Naughty MOAIs naughtiness echoes a fun interpretation of a lost paradise. Each MOAI’s hedonistic and entertaining appeal depicts the many facets of the artistic realm.

Having a lovely motif; always naughty, always entertaining, never too serious. The platform’s goal is to bring the virtual and real worlds together.

MOAI NFTs are 6000 unique, naughty, cheeky MOAI NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain and are looking to make a splash in both the virtual and real worlds!

Consensus and Community

The MOAI community comes to life on Metaverse platforms, where anyone interested in MOAI can hop on.

MOAI merchandise is now available in physical stores, thanks to the collaboration with retail partners. Every MOAI NFT holder may now sit back and reap the benefits of his or her virtual and physical journey through the licensing and merchandising of MOAI brand assets.

MOAI NFT holders will also receive first access to upcoming MOAI tokens and the MOAI metaverse, as well as priority in any future MOAI digital and physical offers.

Participants in the initial minting of Naughty Moai NFT will receive a limited edition Naughty Moai statue as well as the first set of MOAI trading cards.

Naughty Moai also supports collaborations with other projects and art-related organizations both inside and outside Metaverse.

Collaborations with art centers, galleries, and museums will lead to more significant future paths for the community.

The Uniqueness of Naughty MOAI

To stay loyal to its aim and orders, the Project intends to take a balanced approach to create an ecosystem and community that spans both the physical and digital realms.

Voxel assets in the Moai metaverse, Seniorities in VR/AR Web3 gameplays, 3D toys and collectibles, and Whitelist priority to all future drops are just a few of the NFT’s major features.

The team aspires for the Public Mint of Naughty MOAI NFT after reaching a milestone by inviting MOAI enthusiasts and partners to join the dynamic community of Naughty MOAI and the whitelist for NFT services.

The MOAI Team

The team is made up of young, free-spirited, and quirky individuals that want to achieve something unique, original, and enjoyable.

The team is hoping to utilize long-standing relationships with product developers, licensors/licensees, and retailers throughout the world, with over 50 years of combined experience in merchandising, licensing, and distribution of gifts, collectibles, and toys.

As a result, a MOAI kingdom will emerge, not only in the virtual world but also in the actual world.

With their true art style, the team seeks to blend the old and the new, the real and the digital, the classic and the modern.


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