Next Earth Token NXTT Listing on MEXC Global Exchange

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The third-largest metaverse, Next Earth, has been on fire lately. As discussed in a recent Business Insider article, the platform has seen tremendous growth, with over 230,000 users and a host of exciting new features. This has been the moment the community was waiting for!

One of the most buzzed-about recent developments is Next Earth’s listing on MEXC Global Exchange, one of the biggest crypto exchanges.  According to Coingecko, MEXC the fifth-largest cryptocurrency exchange is set to boost liquidity for the 2-month-old token.

MEXC is a user-friendly digital asset service provider, and the listing provides a great opportunity for Next Earthians to trade NXTT tokens.

“We’ve been very strategic with the design and timing of milestones for our token. After 2 months this is the perfect time to introduce NXTT to the global crypto community and MEXC is the perfect partner for that. We have scaled the team significantly since the token launch, and we are now switching gears to make NXTT The Metaverse Token with the most utility. The first developments for utility will be the Launchpad Council and staking enabling token holders to take on governance roles and earn rewards” – said David Taylor, token architect.

Trading Contests

In order to thank NXTT community members for their support, there is going to be 1,140,000 NXTT to be won!

From April 11th, 3 pm UTC to April 15th, 3 pm UTC, users can win two types of prizes: Grand prizes and participation prizes.

Grand prizes will be awarded to the top 10 users with the highest trading volume. The top trader will receive 250,000 NXTT, and the minimum trading volume required to qualify is 40,000 USDT. The second-place trader will receive 200,000 NXTT, and the minimum trading volume required is 30,000 USDT. The third-place trader will receive 100,000 NXTT, and the minimum trading volume required is 20,000 USDT. Fourth to tenth place traders will each receive 50,000 NXTT, and the minimum trading volume required is 5,000 USDT.

Participation prizes will be awarded to all users with a minimum trading volume of 300 USDT. The prize pool is 240,000 NXTT, and prizes will be distributed proportionally to individual trading volume during the event.

Additionally, MEXC Global will launch a listing campaign initiated by Next Earth, where users can stake tokens to vote toward a predetermined goal. On the Kickstarter, users can vote to win 3.1 million NXTT in airdrops.

Finally, MEXC will launch a session of MX DeFi with Next Earth, to enable mining on NXTT tokens from April 18 to April 20. During this campaign, users can stake MX and NXTT to earn liquidity yield on NXTT.

These are exciting opportunities to get involved with Next Earth and win some valuable prizes. For full terms and conditions, please see the MEXC website.


Image: Pixabay

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