Rapper Ice Cube Shows Support For Dogecoin As BIG3 Takes Off

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The number of popular personalities who support Dogecoin continues to grow with each passing day. Legendary rapper Ice Cube has now joined the list of people who have openly supported the meme coin, a move that comes after the successful launch of the BIG3 project that the rapper is a part of. It once again shows that Dogecoin has managed to work its way onto the radars of people that would not have been expected to support it.

Ice Cube Is Down With Dogecoin

In a Twitter exchange, rapper Ice Cube has now come out publicly in support of Dogecoin. The rapper who recently made his debut into the meme coin community has done so following the launch of his BIG3 basketball league in the metaverse. It is an NBA-style basketball that features three players at a time instead of the normal five players formation currently used in physical games.

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This basketball league had been launched with much success with various investors clamoring to get a piece of the pie. One of those who wanted to participate was Bill Lee, the founder of the MyDoge wallet. Lee who wanted to pay for a basketball team tweeted to the rapper to ask if he was in support of Doge. According to Lee, this was his condition for actually participating in the sale.

Not one to miss an opportunity for a sale worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, Ice Cube had responded to Lee confirming that he was indeed a supporter of Dogecoin.

Taking this confirmation, Lee had then proceeded to purchase 25 Fire-Tiers editions of the BIG3 “Aliens”. The Fire NFT editions confer larger ownership and more utility benefits compared to Gold-tier editions. They also come at a higher price of $25,000 apiece compared to the Gold at $5,000 a pop.

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Ice Cube then went on to hail the sale as an “incredible and historical” sale in the history of Dogecoin. One that is being said to be the biggest ever payment transaction using the meme coin.

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In the official announcement of the purchase, MyDoge creator Bill Lee had also taken time out to throw a dig at other NFT projects in the space, saying;

“While others are buying NFT images of apes and owls, I believe that NFTs with utility are the next frontier.  It is a dream to own a basketball team and the BIG3 is shifting the NFT game by offering ownership rights such as licensing/IP, team voting/management, and merchandising. The Doge Army and I look forward to making Dogecoin the people’s currency while helping our team hoist the championship trophy. I can’t think of a better NFT experience than that today.”

Dogecoin continues to trend low at the time of this writing. The meme coin was trading at $0.127 in the early hours of Friday before the trading day begins.

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