Review: Looking At The Latest PrimeXBT Features And Trading Pairs

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PrimeXBT is a leading cryptocurrency-based margin trading platform offering more than 100 different trading pairs and a wide range of features catering to both novices and professionals. The suite of tools and the vast range of crypto-centric services like the Covesting copy trading module are continuously improving, and new pairs are regularly being added.

As such, we regularly revisit trading platforms to provide an updated review based on the latest offering from the company behind the brand. Here is a look at the latest PrimeXBT features that have recently been added, along with a breakdown of all the most recent trading pairs that have been added in 2022.

Bringing BNB Chain Support To Multi-Currency System

PrimeXBT began as a Bitcoin-based margin trading platform in 2018 and today is barely recognizable as the same company outside of the name and a familiar look. The platform has gone through a complete transformation, expanding its list of accepted currencies to BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and COV. Support for BEP-20 versions of these ERC-20 coins has been added to help users save on rising ETH gas fees.

PrimeXBT also recently lowered withdrawal fees on Ethereum-based tokens and offers competitive fees for trading, overnight financing, and more. Trading fees can be reduced by reaching a certain turnover level every 30 days of trading. PrimeXBT cares about its users making money – because that’s what it is really all about.

Trading Academy And Competitions Breed Excellence

From margin trading to copy trading, yield accounts, and more, there are so many ways to make money with PrimeXBT. Margin trading accounts provide users with the flexibility and control of long and short positions, stop-loss, and take profit orders. Built-in technical analysis tools from TradingView are also included, with dozens of popular indicators and oscillators to choose from.

For traders that don’t know how to utilize these tools, PrimeXBT has launched a brand new PrimeXBT Trading Academy educational website, complete with a massive library of videos, tutorials, guides, etc., offering trading tips, strategies, and more produced by expert trading Dirk Hartig. With those skills learned, traders can backtest strategies, practice, or compete for prizes in the weekly competitions located in the Contests section of the platform. There, users can trade in a simulated market environment using risk-free virtual funds.

More Trending Trading Pairs Added Always

PrimeXBT has recently added a plethora of trending crypto trading pairs, featuring coins from hot crypto categories like Metaverse, meme coins, DeFi, GameFi, and many others. More than 20 new altcoins have joined the already massive list. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Dogecoin, Uniswap, and many more have long been available on the platform.

The new altcoins take PrimeXBT’s list of assets to more than 100, thanks to the platform also including stock indices, forex, commodities, and more. Few other crypto platforms offer gold trading, oil, the S&P 500, silver, and other essential assets all under one roof. These assets can be used to build a risk-averse and highly profitable portfolio geared toward performance.

Critical Covesting Updates To Mobile App, COV As Collateral

This year, other critical updates include improvements to the PrimeXBT mobile app for Android and iOS devices. At launch, the app offered access to the full suite of advanced PrimeXBT tools and services, but due to the intricacies of the Covesting copy trading module, access to that tool arrived in a recent update. But it was worth the wait, as Covesting followers can now view and manage their Covesting portfolio, monitor performance, and take action. 

Thanks to the partnership between PrimeXBT and Covesting, the platform heavily includes features related to the COV utility token. There is a MyCOV section where users can activate COV token memberships that enable a wide range of utilities. Recently, PrimeXBT added the ability to use COV as collateral for margin trading accounts or for use when opening a strategy manager account in the Covesting copy trading module.

Why PrimeXBT Is The Preferred Crypto Trading Platform

Even though we have covered so much, there are still areas of the platform that haven’t been touched, which have been covered in past reviews. For example, yield accounts offer as much as 14% in variable APY by connecting with DeFi protocols from within the PrimeXBT account dashboard and staking idle crypto assets.

The platform is ultra-reliable, has 24/7 customer service, dedicated account managers for fully personalized services, and so much more as an all-in-one platform. If you haven’t tried PrimeXBT yet, these latest features are worth giving it a look. See for yourself why PrimeXBT is one of the fastest-growing margin trading platforms in the industry today.

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