Rob Liefeld: Deadpool Creator Says He’s Like ‘A Walking NFT’

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Following his successful drop of Bloodstrike NFT, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld explored the impact that NFT has on the comic industry.

Comic book maverick Liefeld is the brains behind two successful Marvel characters, Cable and Deadpool, created in 1990.

Liefeld has this distinct personality and flair which may be unorthodox for some but this has earned him the respect and admiration of both fans and critics.

As he would put it, he is more like an NFT, sharing the love and hate saga that NFTs have with collectors and detractors alike.

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Liefeld has a personality and style that may be unconventional for some. (Image credit: Looper)

Liefeld: ‘The Walking NFT’

It’s quite uncanny how a man can be extremely controversial for the entire duration of his career. As Liefeld would put it, “I’m like a walking NFT.”

NFT hits home with Liefeld because he is currently exploring the wonders and potential of the NFT space.

In fact, he recently launched “The Defiants”, a comic book IP through MakersPlace, an Ethereum NFT marketplace. He is now back with a drop of his newest artwork based on the comics ID, “Bloodstrike.”

Celebrating 30 Years

Image Comics, co-founded by Liefeld, turns 30 this year. This he co-founded along with industry greats Jim Lee (Wild C.A.T.S.) and Todd McFarlane (Spawn).

Following that, Liefeld has also tapped into his old Bloodstrike team to come up with digital and remastered artwork inspired by the 1993 comic book.

Although the original Bloodstrike artwork has been missing, he and his team reworked old black-and-white versions of the 1993 Bloodstrike and then enhanced the illustrations digitally fit for NFT release.

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Liefer said that he did not make any major alterations to the artwork. There were no new scenes inserted into any of it. He just gave it a makeover or a fresh new coat of paint; so-to-speak.

Way back in 1992, Liefeld, McFarlane, and Lee decided to leave Marvel and DC comics to create their own. Image Comics was then born in the same year.

Bloodstrike Drop Launch

The Bloodstrike drop set to launch Friday is a rare opportunity to travel down memory lane and revisit the all-too-familiar characters of the comic book.

There was once a time when other people told Liefeld that they would only survive six months in the business. But it has been 30 years.

Bloodstrike, Image Comics, and Extreme Studies have been thriving for around three decades and counting so this NFT drop epitomizes that glory.

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