Sacred Spirits NFTs is one of the most Anticipated Collection of 2022

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Sacred Spirits is an exciting NFT project backed by trusted entrepreneurs, with real and a proven backtrack of successful ventures.The collection consists of 5,555 NFTs that have been meticulously designed by the team, with inspiration drawn from spirituality and nature.

The 5,555 spirits start their legacy with the minting process on 05/05/2022 on and will take over the NFT’s marketplaces on the Cardano Blockchain.
Cardano is known for its higher scalability and ease of handling network congestion; the project’s technology is future-proofed. As a result, fast transactions, minting times and low gas fees are guaranteed.

The project was also featured on Cardano Cube, one of the biggest meeting points for Cardano investors and it is backed by

The Sacred Spirits NFT project boasts 7 key elements

  • The NFTs border on your spirituality, and from the 5.555, you would find a lot of spirits that speak to your type of energy and divine spirituality.
  • Access to crypto Academy, one of the most comprehensive crypto academies in the world
  • Free access to the events organized or sponsored by the network
  • Whitelist access for further projects
  • Access to a set of premium online tools
  • Merchandise box release
  • Transparent team, with real businesses and proven backtrack of successful ventures

About Sacred Spirits

Sacred Spirit is a collection of 5,555 unique art spirits living on the Cardano blockchain. The Sacred Spirits bridge the gap between our spirituality and NFTs. Each spirit matches our spiritual energy and divine guidance.

Sacred Spirits is for you to mint, don’t miss the chance to own a spirit that might give you blessings throughout your journey into the crypto space. The Sacred Spirits NFTs will allow you access to a different world and community where entrepreneurs and crypto OGs hang out.
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