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As the NBA gets it’s playoff action in full swing, the league is minting a new dynamic NFT collection, there’s a new potential exploit on OpenSea’s Solana NFTs – oh and yes, Moonbirds are still going crazy.

Let’s jump into some of the biggest stories from the past day in NFT action.

The Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: NBA’s New Dynamic NFT

The NBA was one of the first major sports to dabble with NFTs with a deal with Dapper Labs. Other leagues and properties have followed suit. Could the league be leading the way again this week? The NBA is releasing an NFT collection consisting of 18,000 dynamic NFTs that change based on individual athlete performance.

The collection will be dubbed ‘The Association,’ and will consist of 75 NFTs of each player from the 16 different NBA teams participating. The mint is reportedly free (just gas on Ethereum) and consists of player IP integration in the design.

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Solana is recently added to OpenSea, and there may be an exploit that users aren't keeping in mind. | Source: SOL-USD on

Moonbirds… Still

After Monday’s wild recap over some of the weekend activity with Moonbirds, we can confirm… Moonbirds are still going crazy. At time of publishing, the floor still sits around 20 ETH, and the project has been a volume-leader for NFTs, according to data from Nansen. The digital howls have booming since the start of last weekend, blowing some of the biggest project volumes out of the water.

The ‘Minty Fresh’ Take

Revoking access on wallet’s access to old, unused, and/or vulnerable dApps:

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