UAE Grocery Delivery Service Accepts Crypto Payments

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YallaMarket, a grocery delivery platform in the UAE, announced Wednesday that they now accept crypto payments for customer orders.

While some governments evade the possibility of adopting metaverse and cryptocurrency, UAE has been an open city for crypto. 

The mass and global adoption of cryptocurrencies as payments is happening not just in Dubai but the rest of the world.

The UAE is crypto-friendly and considered to be the center of cryptocurrency in the Middle East. 

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UAE Integrates Crypto Payments

YallaMarket has taken a huge step towards providing alternative payment routes for their customers. Integrating cryptocurrency payments into their system is a clever and innovative effort.

Refusing to be average, YallaMarket co-founder and CEO Leo Dovbenko made the move to pioneer the implementation of cryptocurrency payments. 

The company currently accepts stablecoins USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT) as payments. They are also planning to start paying their staff with crypto.

Dovbenko is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. A believer in this new money, Dovbenko is bent on merging the metaverse with traditional payment systems to provide customers better options.

Crypto, The Big Wave

The best way to ramp up is to keep a business future-proof and evergreen. Dovbenko is getting into the next big wave by adopting cryptocurrency technology into their financial transactions as early as now or even before the others jump in.

Moreover, YallaMarket is also contemplating on accepting crypto investments from future investors and partners.

BTC total market cap at $771.41 billion on the daily chart | Source:

For their crypto payments, YallaMarket has teamed up with CoinMena, a Bahrain-based crypto trading platform in line with their move to integrate crypto payments providing their customers convenience, speed, and flexibility.

CoinMENA’s CEO, Talal Tabbaa, is one with YallaMarket’s desire to future-proof the business by adopting digital asset classes.

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Expanding Territories

YallaMarket has also announced future initiatives to expand their reach to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

Crypto is widely accepted in many parts of UAE, even the government has crypto-friendly policies to begin with. In fact, many crypto trading platforms have mushroomed in the Emirati region such as Binance, FTX, and BitOasis, to name a few.

Meanwhile, Emirates Airlines has also joined the bandwagon and started adopting metaverse and NFT.

Crypto adoption is on the rise and there is no stopping its tempo. It’s one way to future-proof a business today.

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