Virtual High? Rapper Snoop Dogg Wants To Grow Weed In The Metaverse

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has solidified his place in the metaverse already. One of the most recent moves from the rapper with regard to this space came in the form of an NFT collection that was launched on the Cardano blockchain, triggering a rise in the number of new daily addresses on the network. This time around, Snoop Dogg is taking this one step further by wanting to grow weed, obviously his favorite plant, in the metaverse.

Get High In The Metaverse, Says Snoop Dogg

In a tweet, the first-ever Mafia metaverse known as MOBLAND revealed the rapper’s plans to bring marijuana to the metaverse. It revealed that Snoop Dogg was planning to ‘cultivate’ weed in the metaverse alongside his son who is popularly known as ChampMedici.

Snoop’s and Medici’s partnership on metaverse projects is not a new one. The father-son duo has been behind the launch of the Clay Nation NFT collection on Cardano, alongside Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson.

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MOBLAND which has received support from heavy hitters like Terra’s Do Kwon, Twitch co-founder Justin Kang, and Animoca Brands is working towards introducing a new sub-genre for the metaverse known as grow-and-earn. This way, the project plans to provide utility to users through the use of business buildings and virtual lands.

Snoop’s son ChampMedici revealed that the idea for the project was his. It was inspired by watching his dad play videos games while holding a ‘blunt’ and a joystick hand in hand. So for him, this idea to bring weed to the metaverse was a no-brainer.

Besides growing weed in the metaverse, MOBLAND, Snoop Dogg, and ChampMedici will also launch a collection of NFTs of the rapper’s weed farms and exclusive content that will be released under the ChampMedici name. 

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Snoop Dogg continues to spread his ‘seeds’ in the NFT space, moving up from purchasing a number of NFTs to actually launching his own collections and investing in NFT projects, as well as other crypto projects. He partook in a recent funding round for crypto startup MoonPay alongside other superstars such as Justin Bieber.

The rapper has also announced that Death Row Records will be an NFT label that will put its artists out into the metaverse. He likened this to Death Row being the first major independent record label saying “I wasn’t to be the first major in the metaverse.”

MOBLAND is yet to announce release dates for these weed farms. However, similar to Snoop’s NFT drop on Cardano, anticipation for this collection is very high.

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