Binance-Backed Heroes of Mavia Partners Machinations To Build A Sustainable Game Economy for eSports

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Obtaining the “Verified by Machinations” seal elevates the appeal of Mavia in the world of eSports and competitive blockchain gaming.

Heroes of Mavia illustrates its commitment to sustainable play-to-earn gaming by partnering with Machinations. Working together with the industry-leading game economy platform confirms Mavia’s long-term approach to a sustainable and healthy in-game economy benefiting all participants.

Mavia, developed by Skrice Studios, is going through a rigorous process where large-scale simulations determine the outcome of different scenarios affecting the in-game economy. Moreover, Machinations will test for inflation and deflation events and how it impacts the in-game economy. After passing these tests, Mavia will receive the “Verified by Machinations” seal. Moreover, Machinations will continue to analyze Mavia’s in-game economy through live telemetry and Web3 market data to help identify any potential issues.

Skrice Studios Managing Director Tristan Chaudhry adds:

Machinations will give our team the ability to simulate and test the game economy during development and continuously monitor the game economy in production. The Mavia team has been working with Machinations to drive the standard for the future of all Web3 games. With this partnership, Mavia is showing our dedication to our community to maintaining standards on all aspects of the game.”

Play-to-earn gaming represents a crucial vertical in ongoing Web3 development. However, there are many complexities developers need to be aware of, including utility assets, liquidity pools, and volatile market trends. Through its Game Economic Health Monitoring Service, Machinations provides crucial tools and insights to help developers maintain a healthy game economy.

Machinations CEO and Co-founder Mihai Gheza adds:

Ever since the team at Mavia started using Machinations, we’ve been impressed with their commitment to delivering a perfectly balanced game economy to their fantastic community. As of today, we’re excited to have them go through our Game Economy Health Monitoring process and support them in building & maintaining a healthy game economy for Heroes of Mavia.”

The long-term success of Mavia hinges on its sustainable in-game economy. The MMO strategy game, backed by Binance and Capital, aims to tackle eSports and competitive gaming. Moreover, Heroes of Mavia aims to become one of the biggest play-to-earn gaming in this segment. Through a healthy in-game economy, players can explore economic advancement while generating revenue for the DAO.

Through the “Verified by Machinations” seal, Mavia raises the bar for sustainable play-to-earn gaming. Moreover, it enables the team to commit to AAA quality graphics and cutting-edge GameFi features. Mavia promises to change the NFT gaming landscape through intricate mechanics, exciting gameplay, and never-before-seen monetization features.


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