Blockchain Relics: Harnessing NFTs Blockchain Technology for Historic Preservation

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Blockchain Relics, a Web3-based historic preservation organization, is launching its Website as well as a powerful Community Campaign in the coming week.

While the project is relatively new, it has been steadily gaining traction in the NFT space, as well as garnering attention from museums and historical societies across the globe.

If you’re new to Blockchain Relics, here’s a short review that will help you understand the project a little better…

What is Blockchain Relics?

Blockchain Relics is a digital archiving and preservation company that combines a passion for history with the power of blockchain technology. Historic and culturally relevant artifacts are at the heart of the project. Blockchain Relics wants to make sure they stay around for future generations, so the primary mission is to scan these items with 3D technologies to create a permanent record before it’s too late!

Rather than striving to be the guardians of history, BCR is empowering others in their efforts to record the history around them through thought leadership and education. History is being made all over the world, and there’s never been a better time to capture it with this exciting technology. BCR is going beyond their scans of history by training others to use 3Dtech in their everyday lives and tell more stories than ever before.

The human race has always been subject to the whims of those in power, but BCR plans on changing that — recording history should be an open and public process so everyone can contribute their thoughts for future generations to understand and preserve.

How does Blockchain Relics Work?

Blockchain Relics uses the power of 3D scanning, primarily with drones, to capture 1:1 scale models of important historic sites, monuments, and artifacts. These assets are then made available to the public through Web3 technologies. NFT collections of certain objects are offered to help fund the project’s capturing and education efforts and support non-profit groups that offer critical services to communities involved in the captured historic moment.

For the project’s first release, BCR has captured the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, Virginia and broke the 3D-scanned model up into 1,022 separate blocks. These blocks are available to be viewed through a custom Augmented Reality app as well as Instagram filters and Metaverse experiences.

Historic artifacts are not only pieces of history but also an integral element in global heritage. To ensure that these invaluable records remain within the historic narrative, BCR thinks it is important for them to be widely distributed so that more people can accept stewardship over their own blocks and contribute with additional utility!

Value of Blockchain Relics NFTs

Blockchain Relics gives holders the chance to own pieces of culturally significant artifacts and become part of the larger historical narrative.

The project’s founders believe that web3 principles should be applied to historical preservation so that individuals are empowered to dictate some degree of the recording of history, as opposed to that responsibility being concentrated in the hands of a few.

Further, Blockchain Relics has created a platform where the personal perspectives of each holder are presented in a way that adds value to the telling of history.

Features of Blockchain Relics

Following are some of the key features of Blockchain Relics:

Connecting History with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Relics preserves the historical and cultural significance of various artifacts by making them accessible in the modern world of NFTs and the metaverse. This project gives everyday people the power to influence the recording of history so that the world can view historical events from several perspectives.

Implementing powerful Web3 Tools

Blockchain Relics uses drones and 3D scanning technology combined with the power of the blockchain to create and distribute NFTs that represent parts of genuine historical monuments. The underlying custom smart contract has been meticulously designed to allow these NFTs to interact in novel ways.

Preserving and Protecting Cultural Heritage

Monuments are the physical representation of historical events. Beyond preserving their physical state, Blockchain Relics protects their cultural and historical value.

Scanning these historically significant monuments into NFTs and sharing them with the community helps preserve the global heritage and allows people to impart their perspectives, producing a much more robust historical record.

By giving everyday people the power to actively participate in the recording of history, BCR is ensuring that historical records represent everyone, not just a select few.

Community Support

Each Blockchain Relics project will be attached to one or more non-profit groups that align with the core mission and provide necessary services within the community. For the first project, BCR has partnered with Global Air Drone Academy (GADA) to provide free STEM education for school kids in the Richmond area. BCR is also working with the Richmond chapter of BLM to help identify students that could most benefit from this program. Blockchain Relics’ collaboration with GADA is aimed at providing students with powerful skills to participate in the project and have a promising career in drone photography and filmmaking.

For whom has  Blockchain Relics been Developed?

Blockchain Relics is an inclusive NFT project that aims to appeal to a very broad audience. The project’s alignment with the web3 ethos of decentralization of power resonates with crypto native individuals. It also offers a gateway to web2 participants who understand the value in democratizing the recording of history and offer them a way to add their perspective to culturally and historically significant events.

Blockchain Relics is perfect for:

  • People who understand the value of decentralizing the recordation of history
  • Those concerned with social justice and making sure ALL voices are heard
  • Individuals and communities who are concerned about digital archiving and preservation of historical artifacts
  • History lovers and professors who are interested in the value of timeless artifacts with historical depth
  • Crypto enthusiasts who admire the technology used by the project
  • New entrants who have heard of NFTs but do not understand the value of PFP jpegs (or images of various cartoon animals as investment vehicles) and are after an NFT that offers more tangible value

The first release from Blockchain Relics is a scan of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, VA that was made famous during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020-2021.  Named the “#1 Most Influential Piece of American Protest Art Since WWII” by the New York Times, it represents a challenging and transformative time in American history.

Today, the site of the Lee monument lies bare, but its significance has been preserved in the form of 1022 unique digital assets available across web3 platforms.

By collecting and interacting with the Lee monument, holders can help preserve this artifact for future generations and help shape history with their own unique perspectives.


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