How Archie Will Enter Crypto, Will Launch NFT With Palm

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The next chapter of the popular comic book series “Archie” will be powered by crypto and its underlying blockchain technology. Per a press release, Archie Comics partnered with Palm NFT Studio to launch the “biggest writer’s room on the blockchain”.

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The partners will launch a new NFT collection called “Archieverse: Eclipse NFT” which has taken inspiration from “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, according to a press release shared with Bitcoinist. The NFTs will drop on May 16th, 2022.

The crypto assets will sell for $66.66 dollars each and will be created with additional collaboration from Archie artist Laura Braga and Vincezo Federici. In total, the collection will mint 66,666 characters with around 3 billion potential outcomes.

It’ll be up to the community and NFT holders to decide Archie’s story. According to the release, fans will not only have the capacity to vote on the story, but the new blockchain-based comic will add fan-generated art.

Creators will be able to receive rewards for their contribution to the series, and NFT holders will have the option of creating and proposing storylines for the characters they hold. These new stories can become part of the Archie canon, the released clarified, and creators will receive full credit for their work.

The project aims at providing Archie fans with new experiences. The comic book was first published over 80 years ago and has become a major part of pop culture.

On the blockchain, users will have more over the route each story can take. Thus, the concept of Writer’s Room takes on new meaning with “radical accessibility”. Jon Goldwater, CEO at Archie Comics said the following about their new initiative:

As we watched the emergence of this exciting new technology, and a new fandom growing around it, we knew we had to find the right partner and platform to introduce Archie 3.0; with the same care and consistency that we have established in everything we do. We cannot wait to introduce the gang to a whole new audience in a whole new way.

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The release claims Archie Comics picked Palm NFT Studio because of their record of “fostering” Web3 projects with “creativity, mechanics, and economics”. The company has onboarded major brands from comics into the crypto space.

As Bitcoinist reported, Palm NFT Studio is behind the recently unveiled Batman NFT collection. Dubbed “Bat Cowl NFT Collection”, fans will be able to acquire one of the 200,000 unique items as the legendary series makes its way into the blockchain.

Dan Heyman, Co-Founder, and CEO of Palm NFT Studio added the following on their cooperation with Archie Comics:

I remember getting Archie Comics from the grocery store check out aisle as a kid, and now we’re launching a collective storytelling project so ambitious it will set a new precedent for comic books. Helping brands like Archie Comics sustainably unlock the potential of Web3 is exactly why we created Palm NFT Studio (…).

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At the time of writing, the crypto total market cap stands at $1.8 trillion with a 1% profit on the daily chart.

Crypto NFT Archie
Crypto total market cap moving sideways on the daily chart. Source: Tradingview

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