How to Double Your Income as a YouTuber

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Video streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch have given content-creators a unique opportunity to earn a living from making and streaming videos, enabling them to generate revenue from the activities they already do every day.

The delivery of advertising revenue based on the viewership their content attracts is a laudable system, if not entirely perfect. After all, who really enjoys being interrupted by ads every few minutes while you try to immerse yourself in something you want to watch?

While the advertising model probably won’t go away any time soon, the fact is that it’s not the only way YouTubers can make money from their endeavors.

Watch-to-Earn with XCAD

The concept of Watch-to-Earn (W2E) involves viewers being rewarded for the time they spend watching certain content – but how does this help content-creators themselves?

When a creator enrolls in XCAD’s Content Creator Rewards program, they are issued with unique content creator tokens. How these tokens are customized is completely up to the creators themselves, but what’s more important is the utility of the tokens.

A certain amount of the creator tokens are burned as they grow according to the number of subscribers the creator has, their popularity, their activity, as well as how often they promote their token and the XCAD app. A creator with 200k YouTube subscribers will have more tokens burned than one with 10k. This removes tokens from the supply and naturally increases the value of the remaining tokens. Tokens are also burned as their token ecosystem grows, making the system more sustainable.

In this way, creators are continually rewarded for increasing their subscriber base. As more subscribers are gained, more tokens are burned.

Content creator tokens are distributed to the viewers who watch the creator’s content, and these tokens can then be staked in liquidity pools to generate further income.

The viewer can also decide whether to sell their tokens to gain immediate profits, or they can opt to hold onto the tokens for the long term in the hope that the creator attracts more subscribers, and in doing so, increases the value of their tokens. The viewer can also use the tokens to access special perks around the creator.

In this way, the token system promotes increased engagement and loyalty between the creator and their audience, while ensuring that the viewer base is genuine. Only those viewers who truly value the creator’s content will choose to stay around, keep hold of their tokens, and contribute to the growth of their favorite creator’s channel.

Incentivizing Growth

When a creator signs up for XCAD’s Content Creator Rewards program, all of their tokens are vested, and programmed to be released upon the completion of certain milestones. These milestones are governed by $XCAD token holders, and give creators the incentive to expand their channel and hit notable growth landmarks.

Creators also have the option to mint unique ‘Moments’ NFTs, which capture fan-favorite moments from their videos, and can then be auctioned on XCAD’s Creator Marketplace. NFT Moment trades will be obtainable via NFT Moment packs or loot boxes.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, creator tokens can also be used to grant access to a number of unique perks, such as creator-themed merchandise, social media shoutouts, follow backs, event tickets, exclusive content and more.

The Content Creator Rewards program can be launched from a simple browser plugin, without affecting existing revenue streams on sites like YouTube and Twitch. In this way, XCAD can deliver supplemental income to an already established business model, bringing increased revenue for creators.

The final result is a stable economic system built for longevity, where fans and creators can participate in the exchange of real value, with both parties benefiting from each other. The possibility for YouTubers to double their income without affecting their existing setup is very real.

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