Louis Vuitton NFT Game Racks Up More Than 2 Million Downloads

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In celebration of Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday in the fashion industry, the elite luxury brand launched the Louis Vuitton NFT game in 2021 called Louis: The Game. And it has jumped to more than 2 million downloads as of this writing.

The game has stirred a lot of response and community engagement all over the world, especially with the brand’s legion of followers and customers.

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Louis: The Game

Louis: The Game is an experiential digital game where the player starts at Asnières where you can find the Louis Vuitton family home and then move to Los Angeles. More information about these updates will be announced in the next couple of months.

Vivienne in the Louis: The Game is the avatar character that will help you get to know Louis Vuitton, the brand. Players get the chance to help Vivienne on her quest while you collect NFT postcards and travel to different locations in glamorous cities such as Paris and London.  

Louis: The Game can be played on both Android and Apple devices.

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New Features For LV NFT Game

Now, the LV NFT game is continuously evolving as it expands its version to add exciting new features like having celebrity NFTs and new locations. Players who have successfully reached the end of the game can now gain access to two expansion levels – High in the Sky and Radiant City. These levels have 10 NFTs to win.

Vivienne now journeys into unveiling Louis Vuitton’s remarkable history. So, as she explores, she also begins to know more about Louis and his travels to Paris and also his humble beginning in learning the basics of crafting and selling custom trunks.

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Exciting news indeed as players who have successfully advanced to these levels can qualify for new NFTs that are set to be distributed until August 4 through a raffle system.

There are varieties of levels in the game. So, in the second level, the mission is to collect 200 candles where each one symbolizing LV history highlights in the fashion world. This is definitely a fun and adrenaline-kicking way to travel back to memory lane with Louis Vuitton highlights.

Slaying The NFT Space, Louis Vuitton Style

The latest version of Louis: The Game has 10 new different Vivienne NFTs, with two new locations, and more challenges to pump up the excitement for every Louis Vuitton fan.

The 10 new NFTs on the latest version feature amazing artworks from some of the most iconic and popular artists in the NFT space like Wenew Labs, Mike Winkelmann, and Beeple. Louis Vuitton is definitely slaying it and shaping the art and NFT gaming scene in the digital canvass.

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