Mogul Productions and Jancroon Team Up to Launch Sci-Fi-Themed NFTs

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One of the most interesting yet unexpected outcomes of blockchain technology is its impact on the global gaming industry. Blockchain technology unlocked a whole new dimension in gaming, creating the possibility for community-owned games, virtual economies, and fully-immersive virtual worlds. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen these possibilities culminate into reality with a wide variety of NFT-Metaverse projects coming into the light, the latest of which being the massive sci-fi metaverse Jancroon. Now, in a recent development, the decentralized film financing and NFT platform Mogul Productions has teamed up with Jancroon to launch a series of NFT collections.

The backdrop of the Jancroon metaverse is an epic battle between humans and a powerful alien race called Croon designed by renowned developer iLogos who is single-handedly responsible for over 1.5 billion game downloads in the past decade. Four different clans inhabit this metaverse and Mogul’s partnership with Jancroon will feature an NFT collection containing 7,777 unique NFTs for each of these clans. In this regard, the Seytani Croon collection is the first to go live on the platform. The NFTs in this collection is designed by legendary Hollywood concept designer Imery Watson, known for his work on the Lord of the Rings film series, as well as Star Wars creature designer from Lucasfilm, Terryl Whitlach.

This NFT collection serves as an early entry ticket to the Jancroon metaverse with collectors getting pilot access to all the realms and real-estate of the metaverse. Collectors will also receive access to the 800-mile long Galactiport with the first opportunity to enlist in the battle against the Croon. Additionally, Seytani Croon collectors will get an opportunity to own the 96-page graphic novel featuring the story of Jancroon and its hero avatars and also access to its private discord servers where they can participate in decision-making for the future of the project.

The Seytani Croon collection is expected to go live on March 9th this year and Mogul Productions plans to launch the collection for the remaining clans soon. The schedule for these launches is expected to be announced in the coming months.

Democratizing the World of Entertainment

Ever since their inception, entertainment industries across the world have operated in a closed one-dimensional way, leaving fans out of their operations. But, in a world actively headed towards decentralization, Mogul Productions found the need to democratize the entertainment industry and make it more community-centric. In this essence, it emerged to become the world’s first-ever decentralized film financing platform allowing fans to choose and fund the stories they want to see on screen.

Along with this, the Mogul Productions NFT marketplace built in collaboration with top entertainment professionals across the globe created a unique way for fans to interact and support their favorite artists. Mogul Productions is famous for its NFT Livestream where DC and Marvel comic artist Rob Prior burnt his original painting to reveal its NFT and also for the Stan Lee legacy collection portrait NFTs. The platform also recently launched its Mogies collection to celebrate 100 glorious years of the famous Hollywood sign.

As such, Mogul Productions, with its user base of entertainment and art lovers, is just the right platform for the launch of Jancroon’s NFT collections and could propel the project in the right direction.

The Way Forward for NFTs

The year 2021 was a remarkable one for digital assets and more so for NFTs. With sales topping over $25 billion, NFTs have started their journey towards the mainstream and show no signs of slowing down. Now, with platforms like Mogul Productions bringing collections of remarkable NFTs for users in collaboration with the world of entertainment, the demand for NFTs is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. It will be interesting to witness what the future has in store for the NFT market and how it fits in the grand scheme of the virtual economy.


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