Mykola Udianskyi Reaches New Accolade as Best Digital Currency Influencer for 2022

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With the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards (WIBA) just being completed in Cannes it appears that once again Ukrainian born Crypto-Master Mykola Udianskyi has come out on top.

Names like, Coca Rocha, Nusret Goekce, Talia Zoref, Gianluca Vaca, Ellen von Unwerth, Udianskyi stood out though as a creator of Ukraine’s premier exchange. Expressing his disdain for the war, and his pride in Ukraine while receiving the award.

“I am grateful for this award. I am proud that I am Ukrainian, and I am proud that I am here. Thank you for supporting Ukraine. We are all like one family now and we all have one problem. Glory to Ukraine!” said Udianskyi.

Mykola Udianskyi is the CEO of Prof-IT and the global marketing company PRMR, and co-owner of the Parlament Media Group, while at the same time being the president of EHOLD, a company behind the creation of many Top 100 exchanges under its belt.

Right now Udianskyi’s primary enterprise is the QMALL exchange. The likes of which has elevated to become Ukraine’s elite exchange. Then, being the first exchange to announce its own MetaVerse by which users will be able to control their real world finances within the Virtual World. Under Udianskyi’s lead it has become fully licensed in the EU as well. The exchange now plans to issue cards which can be used at any ATM along with starting its own Launchpad.

Udianskyi although from humble beginnings has quickly elevated himself into the upper echelon of the crypto world. With each new step in the sphere of Crypto, we are sure to see him around each corner, likely receiving awards for future endeavors.


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