Mykola Udianskyi Wins “Best Digital Currency Influencer 2022” at WIBA Awards in Cannes

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The fourth annual WIBA awards (World Influencer & Blogger Awards) have just concluded in Cannes, France, with Ukrainian IT entrepreneur and crypto guru Mykola Udianskyi winning the “Best Digital Currency Influencer 2022” award. And this year, it was the people of Ukraine who were the focus of the event, with the format of the ceremony being changed to that of a gala dinner and fundraiser to help the country’s most in-need citizens.

And Mykola wasn’t the only Ukrainian to win an award this year. Over the two days from May 18th to 19th, four other Ukrainians walked away with awards, including bloggers and YouTubers.

Mykola receiving this award will not surprise those within the crypto industry due to his tremendous experience across the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and media industries. After receiving his honor, the first-time winner said, “I am so grateful for this award. I am proud that I am Ukrainian, and I am proud that I am here. Thank you all for supporting Ukraine. We are all like one family now, and we all have one problem. Glory to Ukraine!”

Mykola Udianskyi is co-founder of the popular QMALL platform, Ukraine’s first government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, and CEO of Prof-IT, an IT company providing blockchain solutions for web and mobile applications. In addition, Mykola is the CEO of global marketing company PRMR, a co-owner of Parliament Media Group Holdings and president of EHOLD, a company that created many of the world’s best-rated cryptocurrency exchanges. In this industry, there are few others who can bring this type of experience to the table.

Because of this, Mykola has enormous influence in the blockchain and crypto world, as well as the knowledge, expertise and resources to make things happen for any project he becomes involved with. When he joins or starts a project, it draws serious interest from the public and investors alike. In short, Mykola Udianskyi’s involvement has the power to move both share prices and cryptocurrency values. Thus, when he recommends a new crypto coin or up-and-coming blockchain project on his Instagram page, you can be pretty sure it will be a major success.

As the owner of a growing media empire, Mykola regularly mingles with the great and the good at various launches, promotions and events. Most recently, Mykola has collaborated with many famous YouTube vloggers and has just announced that he is launching a crypto TikTok house. House residents will be famous bloggers and celebrities who want to become more involved in the crypto-world and metaverse.

An entrepreneur, crypto visionary, blockchain trailblazer, and now an award-winning influencer and trendsetter, it seems there’s no end to Mykola’s talents.

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