Nesting Dolls NFT Project Releases Droves of Unique Art Assets

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The Nesting Dolls NFT project has announced the launch of its unique collection of digital art objects in International nesting dolls style created in collaboration with numerous artists from around the world. The aim of the project is to attract attention to environmental problems through the adoption of digital technologies.

The Nesting Dolls project has released its collection of digital NFT Nesting Dolls, each depicting a mother carrying on her family’s legacy through a child in her womb. The Nesting Dolls are made of wood and represent one of the most important symbols of International culture. The Nesting Dolls project believes that the gradual depletion of the Earth’s natural resources, such as wood, is a considerable environmental problem that can be solved using modern digital technologies.

The Nesting Dolls project is aiming to highlight the ecological problems facing humankind by allowing its users to adopt one of 8,888 one-of-a-kind generative art MadNestingDolls. The collection of NFT Nesting Dolls is a transition of physical values ​​into the virtual world to preserve the natural resources from which The Nesting Dolls are originally made. The project development team aims to usher users to make the transition into the decentralized metaverse space and transfer their production and values ​​into the virtual world to save the planet, while opting for recycled materials in the real world.

The MadNestingDolls collection was created by artists from all over the world, including Asia, India, the United States, and Ukraine. A combined team of 11 artists, each with their distinct style and vision, has contributed to the creation of over 500 attributes for the project. The artists involved have previously worked on such projects as Hooligan, Punk, Witch, Radiant, and others.

As part of its endeavor, Nesting Dolls will be launching its own mini-production of merchandise, including t-shirts, caps, and other products made from materials that pollute the environment, thus further supporting the ecological ideals underpinning the project.

To ensure user engagement and bootstrapping, the Nesting Dolls project will be releasing the NFT collection as a value-carrier that not only rewards holders with passive income opportunities but also contributes to the overall well-being of the planet. The project will be donating 30% of mint revenues to Forest Conservation Funds, and provide long-term utility to owners of its collection.

The ultimate goal of the Nesting Dolls project is to attract attention to the ecological and environment issues facing the planet. The development team believes that the popularization of the MadNestingDolls collection and its transformation into a well-known brand in the industry will contribute to the goal and ensure that early adopters will be rewarded with privileges in the future. The project has also laid out a comprehensive long-term roadmap to ensure traction and development.


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