No One Understands Bitcoin, And That’s Okay

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Jameson Lopp, one of the earliest developers in Bitcoin says, “Nobody understands bitcoin, and that’s okay.” Truer words were never spoken. It’s actually a useful starting point for the topic I’m writing about now. I’m absolutely neutral on whether you decide to buy or, better yet, save in bitcoin. My only goal is to help chip away at our collective ignorance.

Michelangelo’s creation of the statue of David gives us a reference point. He claims that he chipped away everything that wasn’t David from the block of stone. Well, my friends, that is what we must do here: chip away everything in your mind that is NOT Bitcoin. Not as easy a task as Lopp suggests. I’m confident that, with each passing block and each passing year, all eight billion souls on this planet will gain a greater understanding of Bitcoin. Perhaps someday we’ll understand it fully, but my money is on we will never fully understand it, nor is a full understanding necessary. I don’t know how my car works or my computer or my phone or my refrigerator or my toaster.

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