Overeality Announces Partnership & Exclusive NFTs with Football Star Vini Jr

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NFTs have seen a steady increase over the last few years, seeing trading volumes in quarter three of 2021 reach nearly $11 Billion. This year has seen just as much success for this new investment class, with an estimated 250,000 people trading NFTs each month on OpenSea.

As the progression of NFTs presses forward, new use cases are found, bringing new utility and functionality to these tokens.

One industry that has adopted NFTs is sports. With the popularity of sports, many new users flock to NFTs, bringing these once niche tokens to the mainstream. Sports NFTs typically depict game moments, players, and more, providing fans with innovative ways to support their favorite teams or players.

Overeality has created a metaverse community bringing together sports fans and NFT users together using its new form of social token governed by DAO technology. Overeality has improved access to the digital economy with its platform, making it easier for fans to support the sport they love.

Overeality has created a metaverse and NFT community that is focused, curated, accessible, and driven by people. Their platform gives everyone involved agency by allowing them to have ‘skin in the game’ and equity in all future endeavors.

New Partnership

Overeality has recently partnered with Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior or Vini Jr., a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Brazil national team. This strategic partnership will include a series of exclusive NFTs that will drop on Overeality’s platform.

The collaboration with Vini Jr. has led to the creation of four NFT drops featuring his likeness that will be minted, marketed, and sold. There will also be autographed memorabilia given to a few lucky token holders.

While this is the first partnership made by Overeality that was announced to the public, the project already has plans to partner with many other prominent figures within the sports industry, which will soon be announced.

More on Overeality’s Metaverse & NFT Community

Recently, Overeality launched its curated metaverse and NFT community that encourages those within the digital economy to get involved and explore.

By combining an accessible, easy-to-use platform with sports and NFTs, Overeality looks to build something that mainstream audiences can quickly adopt and use. The platform’s authentic NFTs featuring some of the world’s most prominent celebrities, GameFi experiences, and events for the community will help foster a userbase that will shape the way fans interact with sports, athletes, and celebrities.

The fan-driven marketplace created by Overeality also allows DAOs to pick the next original IP NFTs depicting some of the most ubiquitous names in sports, music, and entertainment to mint. This marketplace will also allow users to interact and join communities surrounding exciting new tokens so they can get involved and keep up to date with the latest and greatest from the industry.

The platform also tends to creators just as much as it does for those looking to purchase new NFTs. Through the marketplace, NFT creators can showcase and launch their new projects to relevant and receptive communities, with the community members themselves choosing which one is greenlit. Each token holder has a say in what NFTs are created with this system, giving them a crucial role in the governance process.

The community-based tokens created by Overeality guarantee token holders sustained equity over time. The powerfully portable technology designed by Overeality is also platform-agnostic and interoperable for other blockchains. Each part of the platform’s design was built to help level the playing field for investors and bring people together, as only the blockchain can do.

One of the most significant ambitions Overeality has is to cultivate unique individual NFT cultures within the metaverse, which will help bring together important cultural hallmarks and iconic brands from the real world into the virtual space.


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