Scammers looking to take advantage of LUNA 2.0 airdrop

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Blockchain analysis and security firm PeckShield issued an alert to warn the crypto community about scammers sending Wrapped LUNA to the public addresses of crypto influencers and CEOs.

The scammers created a Wrapped LUNA 2.0 token and sent it to Terra Deployer using an anonymous Ethereum address. The scammers then distributed the tokens to public addresses belonging to  Justin Sun, Vitalik Buterin, Andressen Horowitz, and Three Arrows Capital, among others.

The distribution is a ploy designed to help gain legitimacy for the contract page and deceive users. Crypto traders who fall for this scam may send their UST and LUNA to the address hoping to receive the new Terra blockchain’s cryptocurrency.

Although the value of LUNA and UST have crashed to almost nothing, a large amount of these Terra tokens could still guarantee a good payday for scammers.

LUNA 2.0 airdrop

Following the collapse of the Terra Blockchain, the creators have decided to fork the blockchain and create a new LUNA 2.0 after 65% of LUNA holders voted in favor.

This hard fork will create a new blockchain network that users want to be outside the control of Do Kwon and Terraform Labs. LUNA 2.0 will be the token for this new blockchain.

The current LUNA token will remain on the failed blockchain as LUNA Classic. Four groups of users holding tokens associated with the collapsed blockchain will be eligible for the airdrop of LUNA 2.0 on May 28.

According to the proposal, Holders of LUNC (Luna Classic), USTC (UST Classic), and aUST (staked UST) will be airdropped LUNA tokens from the new chain.

Crypto exchanges express support for LUNA 2.0

So far, several exchanges have expressed support for LUNA 2.0. HitBTC, Binance, FTX, KuCoin,,, ByBit, and others have said they would onboard LUNA 2.0 and support the new Terra.

However, some exchanges have remained skeptical about supporting this new development. Most South Korea-based exchanges have yet to reveal their decision on the new chain.

Korbit has said it will delist LUNA. South Korea’s largest exchange UpBit said it will support the LUNA airdrop but not LUNA 2.0.

Additionally, US-based Coinbase is not planning to support the new blockchain and its token.

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