Tezos Generative NFTs Features At Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

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International Art fair staged by Art Basel Hong-Kong stay ahead supporting the digital art of work. In Its 2022’s exhibition, held from May 27 to 29, the event mainly brought Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and generative art forms to light. The collection of digital artwork was minted on energy innovation blockchain, Tezos.

The exhibition named ‘NFTs + The Ever-Evolving World of Art’ showcased the work of over 22 generative digital artists around the globe who represented an ever-changing collaboration between art, culture, and technology. Presentation of the innovative creation on traditional platforms highlights the potential of NFTs as a medium of artwork and empowers artists.

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Generative designing refers to developing end-products completed randomly via autonomous algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and machinery.

Showcased products were unique in their creation or experience and from any other angle. Each artist who participated has an individual specialty and uses technology differently. The exhibit includes award-winning artists such as well-known painter Filipino and the famous creator behind the interplay between the human body’s micro-and microcosmos. 

Likewise, Chinese Song-Ting, creator of the first digital artwork auctioned in one of the biggest auctions, China Guardian, joined the artist group. And Singaporean Yeo Shih Yun artist, who brought contemporary painting mediums instead of using old Chinese ink, participated.

Nicolas Sassoon from Canada, who specialized in pixelated and figure-based artwork, showed his skills at the festival. It is worth noting that his work has been exhibited on famous platforms like Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), Whitney Museum of American Art (US), and Centre Pompidou (FR).

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Tezos NFTs On Waves At Art Basel

The first of its kind NFT gallery contains a showcase for the display of minted NFTs developed together with the significant generative platform FXhash. The interactive exhibition also featured the provision of free NFTs sent by participating artists to the community.

Users in the exhibition space were allowed to participate in one artist to experience a one-on-one generative live-mint of NFT artwork. The installation of the deploying NFT is displayed simultaneously and sent to the user’s wallet as a gift on the spot.

The artwork designed with the artists will update itself in run time, throwing the work on the wall with ever-changing renditions after creation and gift to users. Although 1/1 workpiece has a generative nature, the world’s most experienced artists developed it.

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Qingnan Tan, a Chinese artist, and computer physicist, also contributed to the fest, works to change traditional artwork into NFTs using maths, modeling, and coding.

Jivan Tulsiani, Head of communications and digital marketing at TZ APAC, added;

“NFTs are definitely a big part of the art world, we look at it as the next frontier of contemporary art.” 

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