VR Metaverse Sculptor Believes NFTs Can ‘Democratize’ Imagination

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Joshua Skirtich and his brainchild Jenesis, an NFT collection of virtual reality (VR) sculptures, are breaking boundaries in the metaverse.

Skirtich hand-sculpts in VR, free from any physical world limitations. It is composed of digital sculptures that are 3D figures with each NFT as proof of ownership.

The digital sculptures may be integrated digitally into real-world environments or printed in 3D.

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Synergy Of NFT & Metaverse

People may use the avatars in 3D environments to socialize, work, and play in and around the metaverse. These NFTs represent real estate, cars, sneakers, or avatars that can be accessed in many different remote locations.

The metaverse concept is a bit all over the place right now because tech giants would refer to the metaverse as related to AR and VR experiences rather than it being linked to NFT environments.

For instance, The Sandbox and Decentraland are two examples showcasing the potential of the metaverse. It could take a few years more to create a colossal metaverse.

Now, while the larger metaverse is brewing, Skirtich is deeply engrossed and focused now on the idea of artists working with metaverse and NFTs.

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He is continuously basking on research about the potential of creating and selling digital art online; specifically digitally-made sculptures that are out of this world in terms of shape and proportions.

Jenesis – The Creation

Jenesis today has evolved into having a large collection of over 103 digital sculptures that Skirtich illustrates as “making cave paintings” which symbolizes creation from the genesis terminology and the “J” comes from his name as the creator.

His NFT sculptures are inspired by varied human silhouettes with positions and characteristics that showcase different body languages with the surface having no particular texture or detail. This part leaves more wiggling room for imagination and interpretation.

The NFT industry has climbed to over $25 billion in trade volume including artworks, video game products, collectibles, and the like. This year is destined to be humongous with Q1 now at more than $12 billion.

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Leveling The Playing Field For Digital Artists

Artists like Skirtich turned to NFTs for creating and selling digital creations or artworks.

The NFT metaverse concept has attracted many artists and even collectors alike because with NFT, you are given confirmation that you own the original item, boost scarcity for that particular digital artwork, and all the while increase the demand for digital goods.

Skirtich has recently sold almost everything he owns to shift to a digital and minimalist lifestyle. With many artists joining the NFT world, Skirtich firmly believes that this is the future of digital art. And that this can level the playing field for all artists.

The digital canvas allows artists and collectors alike to “democratize imagination” with NFT so the creative juices just flow freely and you can share it to the world (whatever it is) in its most immersive version, the metaverse.

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