Why Should I Care About Bitcoin?

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The following article will provide a layman’s guide to the key concepts surrounding bitcoin and its essential value proposition. It will endeavor to supply the reader with a concise explanation as to its impact and relevance to their lives, bestowing them with a concrete understanding as to why bitcoin is the best medium for preserving and securing their wealth, value, time and future.

So, you’ve heard about bitcoin in the news and the terms “VoLaTiLe,” “ScAm,” “BuBbLe” and “PoNzI ScHeMe” come to mind no doubt. The mainstream media would have you believe that bitcoin is a temporary fad possessing no inherent value. This article will set out propositions that will debunk those claims and explain the importance of sound money and why ignoring bitcoin and the failure to grasp the significance of its impact will be to the individual’s detriment.

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