Adobe Backed Behance Integrates Feature For Solana NFTs

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Solana NFT feature is accessible by Behance designers and creators who have Phantom wallets and is hosted by QuickNode.

On Monday, Adobe’s creative showcase platform, Behance, informed that it would integrate a new feature that will aid users to earn from their designs. This innovation will enable users to connect their Behance accounts to their Phantom wallets and display their SOL NFTs (nonfungible tokens) on their account profiles.

The Phantom Wallet is one of the leading Solana-based wallets designed for DeFi (decentralized finance) apps and NFTs. Then, QuickNode is a Web3 infrastructure platform located in Miami that has assisted in developing and designing this feature with Adobe on the Solana blockchain.

Behance designers and creators can proactively showcase their NFTs created on Ethereum’s blockchain on their profiles using this need feature. The Vice President of Adobe, managing Behance-William Allen, commented on the innovation.

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However, he emphasized on Twitter that most of Behance’s users may not want to have anything to do with Ethereum because of its very high transaction (gas) charges and high power consumption.

He observed that digital creators can now comfortably connect their Phantom wallets and display their SOL NFTS on their Behance Profiles.

Adobe Backed Behance Integrates Feature For Solana NFTs
SOL trading at $89 | Source: SOLUSD on

In his tweet, he explained that the Solana blockchain is a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain that solves the problems arising from Ethereum’s blockchain, including high gas fees and high energy consumption. However, Solana, on the other hand, consumes infinitesimal power per transaction and is very affordable. Thus, high-end and very cost-effective.

Phantom Wallet Comments On The Collaboration

The Phantom creative team responded to the collaboration in a tweet. The platform described this collaboration as a “huge” one for Solana’s creator economy, as it enables artists to access a low-cost and eco-friendly means to test with NFTs.

In October last year, Behance made its first attempt by enabling its artists to connect their Phantom wallet and Nonfungible tokens to their Behance profile. Then, Adobe had teamed up with OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin, even SuperRare NFT marketplaces. This was part of the company’s CAI (Content Authenticity Initiative) to defend digital creators and designers by showcasing provenance data.

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William Allen also buttressed on Twitter that the company will include Solana Address to its Content Credentials tool, which will be in Photoshop to prevent NFT art pieces from being stolen. Thus, ensuring that the right recognition is given.

QuickNode Allows Adobe To Rent Access To Solana

The Web3 giant, QuickNode, recently enabled Adobe to rent access to Solana’s mainnet, in contrast to developing and managing its node. QuickNode’s official website shows that the firm is the leading Solana node provider. QuickNode sustains over 50% of the entire Solana network.

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