HubSpot Security Breach Leaks Bitcoin Users’ Data

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Customer relationship management (CRM) service HubSpot last week suffered a security breach that leaked the personal information of thousands of Bitcoin users after a bad actor obtained access to an employee account and exported data from up to 30 HubSpot portals.

NYDIG, Swan, Unchained Capital, and BlockFi are among the companies that saw customers’ names, emails, and phone numbers being stolen in what HubSpot said was a targeted attack on cryptocurrency firms and users.

Personally identifiable information (PII) is valuable for follow-up tailored attacks, especially to cryptocurrency users who possess value in a digital form – which is both easier to store and to steal. Hackers often leverage or buy stolen information to attempt to swift bitcoin funds in a slew of different techniques that range from simple phishing attacks to more complex scams.

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