Podcast: Gmoney on the BAYC x CryptoPunk Acquisition

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In the latest episode of “Empire,” Weekly Roundup, Blockworks’ Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel Santos are joined by Gmoney to discuss CryptoPunks, IPs, and the creator space in the wake of this week and last week’s news. Not only weighing in on the NFT space’s tricky relationship with IP and creative commons rights, Gmoney discusses his own journey with self-branding in the space and outside of it.

Santiago and Jason also cover $APE and the ApeCoin DAO, the vote results of last week’s discussion on Anchor, and more.

Jason and Santiago also talk about:

  • DAOs
  • YugaLabs and Disney
  • And so much more

Check out what they had to say in the video below. 👇

About the show

“Empire” is a twice-a-week show. On Thursdays, Jason interviews crypto industry movers and shakers to talk about their struggles, bold moves and tough decisions. Friday’s weekly roundup episodes feature co-host Santiago Roel Santos and cover the top news from the past week.

For any NPR or Guy Raz fans out there, you can think of “Empire” as a “How I Built This” for the bitcoin and crypto industry.

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