The Importance Of Bitcoin Meetups

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In a few weeks’ time thousands of people, veterans and newcomers alike, will descend upon Miami, for the annual Bitcoin Conference – the world’s largest biggest Bitcoin gathering. It is a huge event for many people, showcasing the latest developments, products, etc. But most importantly it brings thousands of like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts to meet in person and discuss the future. These events weren’t always huge – they grew over time.

For the last two years, because of government lockdowns, vaccine mandates and COVID-19, many of these in-person events were not able to take place. Many of the events were forced to happen over Zoom. Thankfully, we live in a time where there is technology that can help us stay connected and allow such topics to persist, but one key element is lost. Human face-to-face interaction. There is no amount of Zoom calls that can capture when people meet in person and share in the “AH HA!” moment. When all that solo brainstorming finally comes together because you met another person, and a certain question was asked or someone suggested something that you alone couldn’t think of yourself.

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