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NFTs seems to be an unstoppable force. The latest in the blockchain world, NFTs have grown from being traded at $100 million in 2020 to $23 billion in 2021. The 230x increase has got crypto investors searching high and low for quality NFT projects to support.

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a way for the average consumer to authentically claim ownership rights over a digital asset. These assets can range from samples of an upcoming song by an artist, a piece of art, a tweet, or even the origins of the internet.

A Peek Into The Elite Ecosystem

Between all the emerging cryptocurrencies and NFT projects across the globe, Elite is a project that aims to stand out from the crowd. Developed through the integration of Telco, blockchain, metaverse, influencer communication and play 2 earn games, $ELITE is in a pursuit to provide a whole new experience to users. It combines the three most influential inventions of the 21st Century: smartphones, social media, and blockchain to deliver benefits to users, investors, and content creators alike.

With the support to be traded on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, the token is based on the Polygon blockchain (an ETH-based layer 2 chain) as the most reliable and efficient solution for users’ needs. $ELITE is minted with a maximum supply of 4.4 billion.

Currently, the $ELITE space includes entrepreneurs Sharon Fonseca and Gianluca Vacchi, YouTuber Anima, DJ-Model Andrea Damante and several other Series A players such as Andrea Ranocchia,  Marco Silvestri and the legend Alessandro Del Piero. More entrepreneurs and influencers are likely to be added in the upcoming months.

Elite Token NFT Marketplace: Features & Token Analysis

Users would have a chance to enter the exclusive “Elisium”, an exclusive social network. The elysium network features content generated by international influencers and is shared with fans through the platform.

The project will firstly seek to launch an NFT Marketplace where NFTs by elysium celebrities can be purchased. The platform provides users access to a unique social network shared with celebrities.

Users can also bid on NFTs created by some of the most influential personalities from all over the world. The marketplace would empower content creators to monetize their creations through interactions within the community. Moreover, this ecosystem adopts a profit-sharing model, which means that NFT holders would take a piece of the pie of profits made by the elysium content (both freemium and premium) associated with the specific NFT they hold.

These NFTs are both in the form of collectibles and experiences where people can meet and interact with notable individuals. The basis of the NFT project is the $ELITE token. $ELITE is already a part of several Play-to-Earn (P2E) initiatives and metaverses.

Can the $ELITE Token NFT Marketplace Be The Next OpenSea?

The project supposedly has the potential to be one of the most accessible and cost-efficient NFT bidding platforms to date. The use of blockchain provides a much more secure transaction and ownership of the NFT content. Further, Polygon gives the tokens the advantage of Ethereum’s vast ecosystem without sacrificing scalability. This means users can avoid high gas fees without needing to sacrifice their let go of the enormous infrastructure that Ethereum offers.

According to its roadmap, the project’s next aspiration is to build their Runiverse game that is aimed to be the first cross-metaverse platform to challenge other players on crypto’s market performances.

The venture would combine the services of a telephone company and the features of a social network with the power of blockchain and NFTs to support and boost the creator economy on-chain.

Hence, the future outlook of the projects looks extremely promising. However, investors, creators, and others are required to do their own research before pitching in their time and money.


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